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By December 16, 2016Blog, Real Life

So as always our family is always the last people on our street to put up our Christmas decorations. Hell, we didn’t get our Christmas lights up in until this week. Like everybody else this year has been a horrible year for us both individually and as a family.

My stepfather especially is finding it very hard to be cheerful this Christmas. My stepfather has lost not only his parents, his own stepparents, some siblings, and on top of everything his own son Tony. My heart hurts for him, but all I can do is be there for him and let him know that he is not alone.

The kids, however, are super excited for the Christmas break that is coming up next week. This week is all about finals (well for my oldest kid who just got into middle school) and then the little kid’s who are still in elementary school are busy with class parties.



Our Christmas tree this year. 


This season is especially is my time to do literally all the baking. But I’ve been in a weird mood for most of the autumn and winter months. I have just been feeling really unmotivated to bake anything other than the simplest recipes. However, since this year has been the shittest year possible, it’s really not a surprise to anyone that I’m not in any type of mood to bake.

My mother, though, is in her element it really does look like Christmas has threw up in our house, which is typical for her method of decorating for every single FREAKING holiday!!! And as you can see from the photos, every free space in the house is taking up by Christmas decorations. It’s red and green as far as the eye can see dudes.



My mother’s Christmas decorations. 


We might be going out to see the Christmas lights this year, we didn’t do it last year because we got super busy and by the time we remembered it we forgot about it. The kids loved looking at the lights, and I admit that I was just as entranced as the kids!

As for the whole winter solstice thing, I’m just going to ignore it this year. Honestly, the older I get the most secular I tend to get. I’m still spiritual, but I honestly don’t have the time or the patience to do a ritual. I celebrate the secular holidays with my family and I just go on with my day. I tend to put on the “witch” hat on when I need to send my family or my home spiritually. As I get older I tend to feel that I don’t need to use magic for every little thing.

So anyway, that is why it will be up to for the Christmas season! I I just wish everyone a safe and awesome holiday season. And I hope that everyone’s new year is way better than this one!

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