3 Ways To Help Stop Trump’s Muslim Ban

By January 29, 2017Blog, Politics

I wasn’t surprised that the Muslim ban happened, I was actually surprised that Trump didn’t write this executive action day one of his presidency.  This right here? Is the start of a Muslim holocaust, and as someone who has basic human decency and of someone is who is a religious minority makes all of this very scary to watch.  I actually got so anxious watching my Facebook feed last night that I had to turn off Facebook altogether. And although a Judge has put a momentary pause to the ban, it can easily be reenacted.dade

The time for action is now, and if you are like me who due to varied issues unable to go the protests that I think are still currently going on several airports in more than few major cities right now, then this is a way for you to help with the effort against this horrendous ban.

1 . Call You Representatives.

Since Trump’s Election,   I have been calling my representatives every week about the many horrendous things that Trump and his administration has inflicted on us.  If you don’t know how to call you representatives here is

House. gov to find your Representatives. 

You can also use this site 5 Calls to call your Representatives. 

And if you need scripts you can use this page on Indivisible Austin’s sites.  

I also found this article really helpful in teaching me the most effective way to call my representatives. 

2. Sign This Petition

Please take some time out to sign this petition on Moveon.org. 

3. Donate to the ACLU

You can do so here. Also, since I am a starving artist and I personally have no money to donate I’m an offering a free custom eBook cover to anyone who donates. Just send a copy of the receipt or a screencap to gigikiersten@gmail.com



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