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By February 25, 2017Art, Real Life

So another week of me laying in bed due to the fucking flu has passed. I’m sick, this time with added swollen lymph nodes. So I basically sound awful and like I’m talking with my nose closed. Although, that is not all that far from the truth because my nose stuffed up.  Again, my month has been HELL. And I hate more than anything is to be idle and stuck in bed  I’m always busy, I always got some project going on and basically, this sickness has cut me off from doing all of my projects.

And don’t me get started on my lack of activism this week. I haven’t been able to look my laptop until now. Seriously, you know shit has hit the fan in my house when I haven’t touched my laptop for more than the necessary hours to sleep. Some may say that I’m addicted to the internet, and you wouldn’t be wrong.  For more proof, just check out my reaction to having no wifi. It was not a pretty sight, that’s all I’m saying dudes.

As for my art, I decided that as much as I have improved over the last yea, I have sort forgot about the basics. Like everybody and their mama is like ‘Gigi digital painting is where it’s at.’ And I can draw a little bit, but to be honest I have almost no interest into traditional line art. Well, I love look traditional line art ( I do love a museum) but for me where I shine is in photo manipulation. Eventually, I might go ahead and learn photography since that is an adjacent field for me to get to. But digital painting and drawing period I have no interest in.  I do realize that I need to start paying attention to the rules and the sort of physics of traditional painting because as a photo manipulator I tend use the same rules in my own branch art.

So I am going back to basics on that. I have also had a lack of inspiration when it came the original photo manipulations and I actually have gotten lot of inspiration from famous traditional line artists. Those pairings especially has made realize that there is no limit on what I can do. For me, my personal style is drawing or panting like photo manipulations and I’m also very minimalist when comes to textures and brushes. Which is kind of strange since when I first started out, I leaned heavily on those things. And I also like to tell story with every piece that I made. It’s the writer in me, I think that sort bleeds into art.

Everything in every piece must have meaning and everything overall should tell story. Which as much as that mind-set has helped as an artist, it has also contributed to my recent slump. I’m going to have to learn how to not let my personal style inhibit or stifle me as an artist.

Anyway, I think that’s enough art talk for a little while and I will be back with new post next week. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend (better than mind anyway) and I will see you guys later.

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