The Five Best Free Tools For Digital Artists

By March 24, 2017Art
The Five Best Free Tools For Digital Artists

If you are a starving digital artist like me who primarily works in photo manipulation, you are always ou the lookout for free and/or cheap tools to use to help make your workflow easier. Here are some free software to make your life a little easier.

 1. Batch Watermarker

Batch Watermarker

Protecting your artworks is very important, and part of the process of doing this is by adding a noticeable watermark on your art.  I used to do this in Adobe Photoshop. However, now I do this by Batch Watermarker. Not only is it free, but it gives you multiple easy options on how to watermark your artwork and you can easily customize the look.

2. Fast Stone Image Viewer

I found Fast Stone’s line of products a few years ago and I have been a dedicated user ever since!  If anyone has to deal with a lot of photos at once and have to wait for your computer to load all the many thumbnails knows that this can be a pain. Adobe Bridge is also good for this, but I actually prefer Fast Stone Image Viewer to Adobe Bridge. Unlike in Adobe Bridge, Fast Stone saves the thumbnails so you only have to wait for them load once.  You can also do some basic image editing right in the program and you don’t have to even open Photoshop to do it. This is especially usefully if you don’t have a lot of computer memory to spare.

3. Fast Stone Image Resizer

A lot of artists, especially digital artists and photographers have to constantly resize their pieces for to prepare their works to be sold as prints.  And for some reason, once my photos get bigger than 3000px, it will start to slow down my computer. So, I was ripping my hair out about how to solve the issue, when once again Fast Stone came to my rescue! I discovered Image Resizer via Google Search and I absolutely love it!  You can easily change not only the size but the DPI as well of any image you choose to resize. Also, I have found there is absolutely no pixelation in the resized images. as well.


PhotoMe Image MetaData Editor

A lot of people know about physically watermarking your artwork. However, not a lot of artists and photographers don’t seem to realize there is a way to put an invisible watermark on your artwork through editing your image’s metadata. I used to actually use a combination of windows file properties and photoshop file info option to input the metadata on all my artwork.Now, I use PhotoMe.  It’s free to download and use and has helped me so much.  Unlike my other method, I can copy and move my metadata to other images if I need to, which is super helpful when I have multiple copies of my artwork in different sizes for prints.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive

I love google’s products and I use them all the time! I especially use Google Drive a lot because everything is on a cloud and I can easily consult with my clients.  What makes Google Drive such a wonderful tools is that the price is super cheap. It’s free for 15gb of storage, but you can also get a 100gb for $1.99 a month or 1TB for $9.99 a month. drive app on your desktop and save every project in your google drive and it backups and syncs all by itself.

My favorite uses for Google drive is that I can pull up any of my artwork in jpg, png, gif, or even PSD on any device. Just install the Google Drive app on your device and you are good to go! Personally, I’m always showing off my art to my friends and my contacts which made this option super useful

In addition to all of that, it makes it really simple to backup and sync all of your work.  As a freelancer, I can tell yoou from experience that it is super important to always backup your work.  My primary desktop broke six months ago and if I didn’t backup my artwork with google drive all of my artwork would have been lost.  To sync and backup from your computer, all you have to do is download the free desktop software and install it. After that, just save your files in your Google Drive folder and it will automatically backup up the files in the cloud. It’s just that simple!

So those are my five favorite free  tools to use. What are your favorite tools?  Let me know down in the comments!


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