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By March 9, 2017Politics

(CNN)The Rev. David Wynn told Texas lawmakers how the proposed “bathroom bill” would affect him, one of the hundreds to speak in about 13 hours of public testimony.Wynn, a transgender man with a full beard, said his birth certificate still says “female,” so he would be required to use the women’s restroom under the new rules.”There’s been a lot of conversation, too, about having men in the women’s bathroom,” Wynn said, according to The Texas Tribune. “And I guarantee you there’s going to be a problem if I show up in a woman’s bathroom.”

Source: Texas ‘bathroom bill’: Legislation advances after testy, lengthy debate – CNNPolitics.com

I know that I have been quite on the politics front lately, that is because I have been trying to catch up with the work that I  have missed in the last month when I was sick. However, I decided to now speak out once again because this HORRIBLE bill is advancing in the Texas Legislature. I urge everyone who reads this post and who happens to live Texas to call, text, email, and mail their representatives and demand that they vote NO on this bill. This bill has nothing to do with protecting children from perverts. To even insinuate that is Transphobic in of itself. This bill has EVERYTHING to do with discriminating against Trans and non-binary people by banning them from public spaces. This bill has EVERYTHING to do with trying to further disfranchise and humiliate Trans and non-binary people

Instead of concentrating on items such as Education (we have one of the worst educationals systems in the country), or doing something about our staggering unemployment rate the Texas Legislature has decided to gin up a non-issue just to make them look good. So please if you care about Trans or non-binary people please, PLEASE contact your representative right now!

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