Gigi’s Reading List: Five Books To Help You Become A Better Artpreneur

By April 21, 2017Art

Two weeks ago, I made a decision to stop whining about how I was not getting any paying gigs. And instead, I promised myself that I would be more aggressive about going after them.  However, I had no idea how to get to the next step, so I do what I did best: I researched. I didn’t have a lot of money and I really didn’t have access to a library. So my next best bet was ‘Kindle Unlimited’, a service hat lets me check out books for as long as I want for a $9 bucks a month.

So as promised here is a list of the books I’m reading right now:

1 ) Selling Art Online: The Creative Guide to Turning Your Artistic Work into Cash  by Dave Conre

This book is really good to tell you the in and out on the best places to sell your art. It was a little thin and I personally felt it didn’t go into as much detail as I liked. However, this book is a good place to start.

2) How to Become a Successful Artist in 7 Steps: All you need to know about building a thriving art career  by
Annelien Bruins

This book gave me some great tips and really laid out the business for me.  This is a really short book (it’s only 39 pages).

3 ) Straight Advice: How to Market Art Online Now Kindle Edition by Barney Davey

Another book that gave me a lot of great advice. The author especially broke down the art print market and how to sell my art on my own site one day. The authors explain the particulars for artists who want to use email marketing and social media marketing as part their own overall marketing strategy.


4 ) Social Media Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide to Dominating the Market with Social Media Marketing by Eric J. Scott

Let’s face it social media is really important to the business world, and the art industry is no different. This book gives you a lot of actionable items to make your social media for your business as profitable and successful as a possible. This book is short and goes straight to the point.  It’s a quick easy read and I actually plan on buying this book out right in the near future.

5) How to Profit from the Art Print Market by Barney Davey

This is another book by Barney Davey. This is actually the biggest book on the list (it’s 382 pages). However, this book is stuffed with a lot of valuable information. This book covers the end and outs of the art print market.  And as someone who actually wants to break into this niche,  the information in this book is priceless.

This is the end of my reading list. What books have you read that helped you be a better Artpreneur? Let me know down in the comments!


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