The Top Ten Summer Color Palettes That You Will Absolutely Love

By May 12, 2017Art
Summer Beach Glasses

Summer is just right around the corner, and although I detest the Texan summer heat, I love the color that comes with it. And my favorite place to go for color inspiration is Design Seeds, a blog that is all about color and is run by color expert and designer Jessica Colaluca.  I used the color palettes as inspiration for almost every design and piece I use. I also used design seeds color palettes for this site’s  color branding.

Credit For Featured Images: Beach  Photos by Kent Larsson

1 . Neon Hues 


2. Color Currency

3. Color Sign 


4. Color Wander

5.  A Door Hues

6. Color Surf

7. Color Frond

8. Color Book 

9. Summer Brights 

10. Flora Brights


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