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We Have Just Shot Ourselves In The Foot!

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So against my better judgment, I went to Facebook to promote my blogs as any good blogger would do, and I saw the Donald Trump was trending. And I just got this sinking feeling in my stomach that the electors didn’t do what we all begged them to do, what is their FREAKING jobs to do!

They actually confirmed Donald J. Trump as president of the United States. They allowed this madman, this imbecile, this DEMAGOGUE as leader of the free world! And as a black queer woman, I can’t get over the fact that America apparently hates me and everyone who looks like me this much.

A part of me just wants to lay down in my bed and just sob. Because we have elected a fascist in training, and a puppet of Russia as president. And I can’t help but feel that like everyone else that we currently have the sword of Damocles hanging in over our heads. Let’s be clear: He’s going to destroy our country and no one gives a crap.

And you white liberals who are thinking “Oh, Gigi is just exaggerating things.” I want you guys to just look at what he has said so far, especially. the rhetoric that has come out of his mouth since the start of this election cycle. And god help me, his plans for the country scares me out of my fucking in mind.

All I can say to the people who are GLBTQ+, religious and/or racial minorities: to just hold on and stand up for each other. I say to my Democrats who were in office, you better stand up and fight because if you don’t, you are part of the problem, and I will vote your asses out of office. And I’m not the only Democrat who feels that exact same way.

I just want to hug everyone who feels like I do and tell them not to give up. Because despite the fact, that I just want to cry and scream and then lay down and die. But that’s not my style. When life kicks me down, I’m the type of person to get right back up and kick life right back in the nuts! So I strongly urge you guys to do the same and get up and FUCKING FIGHT!

I also urge for those people who can afford it, to give their money in their time to the organizations who are going to be advocating for those people who will be directly targeted by Trump’s administration. So, I have nothing else to say so, I’m going to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a hopefully better new year.

Tis The Season

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So as always our family is always the last people on our street to put up our Christmas decorations. Hell, we didn’t get our Christmas lights up in until this week. Like everybody else this year has been a horrible year for us both individually and as a family.

My stepfather especially is finding it very hard to be cheerful this Christmas. My stepfather has lost not only his parents, his own stepparents, some siblings, and on top of everything his own son Tony. My heart hurts for him, but all I can do is be there for him and let him know that he is not alone.

The kids, however, are super excited for the Christmas break that is coming up next week. This week is all about finals (well for my oldest kid who just got into middle school) and then the little kid’s who are still in elementary school are busy with class parties.



Our Christmas tree this year. 


This season is especially is my time to do literally all the baking. But I’ve been in a weird mood for most of the autumn and winter months. I have just been feeling really unmotivated to bake anything other than the simplest recipes. However, since this year has been the shittest year possible, it’s really not a surprise to anyone that I’m not in any type of mood to bake.

My mother, though, is in her element it really does look like Christmas has threw up in our house, which is typical for her method of decorating for every single FREAKING holiday!!! And as you can see from the photos, every free space in the house is taking up by Christmas decorations. It’s red and green as far as the eye can see dudes.



My mother’s Christmas decorations. 


We might be going out to see the Christmas lights this year, we didn’t do it last year because we got super busy and by the time we remembered it we forgot about it. The kids loved looking at the lights, and I admit that I was just as entranced as the kids!

As for the whole winter solstice thing, I’m just going to ignore it this year. Honestly, the older I get the most secular I tend to get. I’m still spiritual, but I honestly don’t have the time or the patience to do a ritual. I celebrate the secular holidays with my family and I just go on with my day. I tend to put on the “witch” hat on when I need to send my family or my home spiritually. As I get older I tend to feel that I don’t need to use magic for every little thing.

So anyway, that is why it will be up to for the Christmas season! I I just wish everyone a safe and awesome holiday season. And I hope that everyone’s new year is way better than this one!

7 Petitions To Protest Donald Trump Being Your President-Elect

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Just hours after Trump’s victory speech, people have already drawn up petitions to protest him getting into office. Even though 26 state officials have been recalled, according to National Conference of State Legislature, it’s impossible for a president to be booted by petition. That hasn’t stopped people form trying though. Here’s a list of all the petitions out there that you can sign if you’re unhappy with the way the 2016 election has played out.

Source: 7 Petitions To Protest Donald Trump Being Your President-Elect

It’s not too late to stop Trump! Especially, after it has been revealed that he basically lie, cheated, and stole the election via Russsian hacks. Please take time out of your busy day to sign these petitions and share them around. Don’t give up the fight!

Hard Choices

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So Happy Holidays! This year has been shit for everyone and we have the orange dictator-elect to deal with soon. Also, I’m the only person who is feeling really disappointed at how the recounts were shut down. I  really wish that Hilary had ignored Obama and went after Trump Immediately.

*sigh* But enough of Politics. I want to talk about something else. So I’m a burgeoning Graphic Designer, and I especially want to make book covers. However, making book covers is like you have to have a lot of contacts, or you have to be a writer yourself. And honestly with my two nephews being born in January. I decided to make a hard choice.  Put Miss Match Media on the side burner and concentrate all of my energy on the blogging.

I want a decent income, and Blogging will get me there sooner. Once I’m making some decent money, I will be back to the Graphic Design.  I have one new blog, Dress Them Up. And I’m in the process of creating another fanfiction review blog called Ficnatically. Because let’s be honest, I read WAY MORE fanfiction than original books, and it takes me forever to finish original books.

I’m also going to be updating this blog more often, at least once a week on the weekend.

So you are probably thinking, that is what three blogs? How you are going to keep up that pace with SEVEN kids to take care of.  First, I’m going to be scheduling posts waaaaay ahead of time.  *Pats The Editoral Calender Plugin* and then I’m going to dictate it. I actually brought Dragon Natural Speaking.  I’m going to spend the time before my nephew’s birth training the program up

So I can get my blog posts done, and it won’t kill me.

So what’s going on with you guys?

Until The Fat Lady Sings

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So It’s the day before Thanksgiving and I know damn well I should be preparing for that, but I  just finished reading this CNN article that says that a lot of technological experts are pleading with Hilary Clinton to challenge the results of the elections in the swing states because it’s possible that Russia has hacked our elections. I also have to say, that I find it really freaking suspicious that every poll worth their salt was dead wrong.

Our election results need to be audited and you can sign this petition here and please read this article from that talks about how to contact your state electors. Also, please for anyone with a basic sense of fairness to please call or email your state representative and demand a congressional investigation into our elections.

I really want Hilary to dust off that pantsuit and get back into this fight because the fat lady hasn’t sung just yet and we can not abide having this orange buffoon in the white house. Also, can I talk the time to laugh at how Trump had the nerve to try to force the Hamilton cast to apologize because they dare ask Vice-President Elect Pence to work for all people? And no, the Hamilton cast was responsible for some of its audience booing Pence. Actually, I would have booed the man who believes that I should go through conversation therapy because I’m queer.  I totally support booing the man who was the most homophobic governor in the country.

Anyway, I want to tell everyone happy thanksgiving and I hope that you have a safe holiday.



[Reaction] Teen Wolf Season 6 Credits

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You know, contrary to popular belief I don’t go around just looking for an excuse to bitch and moan. Honestly, today is Monday and I had shit to do. But MTV decided to drop  first look at season 6 credits of Teen Wolf, and I knew I couldn’t just sit back and say nothing.


Really? Fucking Really?  This is the last season of Teen Wolf, and their opening credits looks like a bad fan edit. Seriously, everything looks cheesy and cheap as fuck.  Also, what the fuck is with the walk down memory lane? Why do we need to see Scott’s bite, why are we seeing  glimpses of the Nogitsune, and The Berskerers?  It’s a total insult to the intelligence of Teen Wolf’ remaining audience ‘s intelligence. It’s like MTV and Jeff Davis thinks that we forgot about everything in between hiatus, and thus he needed to remind us.

Also, I see the nods to fan favorites that have been either fired (Arden Cho) or has long been gone from the show (Derek, and Allison) And you can’t tell me that the dropped arrow, the wolf, and the lotus is not straight up nods to these characters. It would mean a lot more to the fans if MTV and Jeff Davis didn’t do everything possible to destroy those characters, especially Derek.


I also want to ask  is why is Melissa, Sherri (who still has no name by the way), and Chris Argent in the opening credits? This is a complete deviation from the other opening credits. Where the fuck is Hadyen or Mason?  Mason has been apart of the cast for THREE FUCKING SEASONS, and he’s the only openly gay person of color on the show. Yet he still doesn’t have a spot on the opening credits?  Yeah, fuck you and your false diversity Jeff Davis, because yet again I see right through you.

Speaking of seeing through Jeff Davis’s bullshit, don’t think I didn’t see that Lydia was the one the using the mystery board and the messing with the red strings. Is this a not so subtle Stydia bait, or have Jeff Davis forgotten that the detective of the group is fucking Stiles Stilinski?!   Also, I see that they used footage from 6a for the credits.


So this leads me to my last question: Why did we need a new opening credits anyway? Seriously, we still have the same villains (the dread doctors), and we still have the same people (for the most part). Yet, we got a new opening credits, when the money could have been used towards better effects or for better wardrobe (because last season was horrendous). But no, instead we got a shitty credits to a shitty show. And if the credits are this bad, I have very little hope for tomorrow season’s finale.


00Q SkyFall Premade Book Cover

[OOQ] Love In A Coffeeshop

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00Q SkyFall Premade Book CoverSo I’m back to making fanfiction book covers, because I’m in the mood. I will eventually repost all of my fanart here on this site. My original book covers are at my site: And my favorite fandom online community is the 00Q (James Bond/Q) community.  I love coffeeshop AUs, and it’s my favorite type of AU and so I thought I would post this as a prompt. The book cover is free to download and use. Just credit me and link back to this post.

Download Here 


Pick Up Your Picket Signs

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So right now President Obama is helping Trump (because I refuse to call him President Elect)  in his transition of power. I’m not going to lie folks, I was fucking depressed yesterday. I just canceled all my appointments, and just sat in my room in my night-gown reading fanfic.

Today, I actually got up and took a long walk and realized that the world is moving on. The world is picking themselves up and marching. I live in San Antonio, and there were almost zero protests here (because San Antonio is lame) but in Austin people were marching in the streets and I wish I could have been there.


But since I can’t be there, I’m just going to say right here and now that Trump won this shit by conning folks, by deception and by cheating and I fucking refuse to sit down and shut up.  But I’m also scared to leave my house. I heard about a black lady who was accosted with a gun by a bunch of white trump supporters. I’m honestly thinking of buying pepper spray. My dad who is ex-military already brought a gun.

But even through my fear, I’m going to speak out until I can no longer speak out. I’m not moving to Canada, I’m not fleeing the country that my family help built for years, in where my father served his country for.  We deserve to be here,  and I’m not going anywhere

And if you come at me in the streets, I’m going to pepper spray your ass and call the police. Because that shit is illegal and you deserve to be in jail. And if the police won’t help me, I’m taking it to the public, to the media, to social media. I will not be silenced, I won’t back down.

And for all my people of color, for my dreamers, and illegal immigrants, for Muslims, pagans, Buddhists, Jewish, Hindus, for my gays, my lesbians, my asexuals, my bisexuals, my trans brothers and sisters I will be right beside you.  Keep your chin up!  Ya’ll, pick up your goddamn picket signs, and march until you no longer able to.

Do Not Go Quietly Into That Good Night

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So the election is over, and last night I was praying for that the results of the election was a nightmare and I would wake up to a sane and just world. Apparently, the real world is neither just or sane.  So two months we will be signing in President Trump.  But you know what I briefly considered moving to Canada.

First off, I can’t afford it. I’m a poor black artist,  But also I’m not going away, I’m not going to be quiet. I’m here and queer and black and I will be shouting about it. I’m going to march in the streets with my queer brothers and sisters and my black brother and sisters. I will not like tyranny win.

But I want to you guys to not give up. To not go quietly into that good night. We bide our time, we will organize, we will march until they are no more people to talk about it.We went through Bush, and we can get through this.

Just please, please vote in the midterms and keep your chins up.

All Quiet On The Western Front

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So I have been busy, busy, busy. I was sick last week, and I had to scramble to catch up with my blogging on WTFTMI. Halloween is coming up, and trying to balance with my business and my studying and the kids, and I’m just running around like a chicken with my off.

Also, I turn thirty-three on Tuesday.  I’m not really excited about it, and I don’t hate it. I’m just meh. All of my friends are out-of-state and I really don’t have a social life. I’m a bookish person, who rather be reading than partying. I can’t help that I’m a nerd. *shrugs*

I’m more excited about almost being done with City of Bones. This book was draining my life away, but I watched this great feminist documentary called Miss Representation and it really reminded me why I’m doing this. At first, it was out of spite, but now it’s because books like this is a symptom of a bigger problem of misogyny, and racism in the media. And every instance of that needs to be called on it. So yeah, it’s just one more instance of activism on my part.

As for my business, I have been dragging my feet on promoting it. I don’t know, why. Just scared of success I guess or failure. But I’m going to put my big panties on and do it. Anyway, I think that is enough of my rambling, for now, I will update you guys on my birthday and such later.

Ta Ta For Now.

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