With Vice President Pence breaking tie, Senate passes anti-Planned Parenthood bill

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WASHINGTON — Vice President Pence cast a tie-breaking Senate vote Thursday to pass legislation that will allow states to withhold federal funds from Planned Parenthood and other health care providers that perform abortions.The measure, which now goes to President Trump for his signature, dismisses an Obama-era rule banning states from denying federal funds to such organizations.Pence’s vote was needed to break a 50-50 tie. Republicans Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska broke with their party, voting against the measure.

Source: With Vice President Pence breaking tie, Senate passes anti-Planned Parenthood bill

Sorry about yet another political post, but I didn’t even know this was going on? I knew it was part of the republicans horrendous health care plan, but I  am the only one who feels like this was a sucker punched?  Fuck you each and every one of these Republicans.  I also want to thank SenatorCollinsns and Murkowski who actually stood up against their own party and voted against this.  I want every woman who believes in reproductive care to donate to planned parenthood if you are not already doing it. Apparently, this life-saving organization  Also, just for those pro-life assholes who are cheering this move, I would like to remind you guys that it is ALREADY A LAW that makes illegal for tax funds to fund abortions. So this is just another unnecessary attack on one of the few healthcare providers for low-income women.

Tomi Lahren Is Pro-Choice, But Not A Feminist |

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Over the last week or so, people have been abuzz over the news that the internet’s favorite blonde, bold conservative woman–23-year-old Tomi Lahren–was suspended and subsequently fired from her gig as young conservative loudmouth for The Blaze, a right-wing website. Tomi usually does fiery video commentary of her hot take of the day, like calling women’s rights protesters “snowflakes” or saying that Beyonce’s song “Formation” is “unfair to little white girls.”  Why would someone who isn’t some alt-right, conservative, Trump loving individual even know who she is? Because her videos constantly go viral on Twitter and Facebook; the more racist, the more clicks. Even I’ll admit to hate-watching her videos whenever they popped up on my Twitter feed. The fact that she’s a conventionally attractive white woman doesn’t hurt her notoriety either. If you haven’t seen her on your feed, you might know her from her controversial appearance on The Daily Show a few months back, in which she tried to defend some of her most racist, Islamophobic comments to date.So, why did she get fired? Because she revealed that she’s pro-choice on The View. She defended her stance by claiming that it coincides with her politics as a conservative and a lover of the U.S. Constitution: “I’m someone that’s for limited government. So I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies. I can sit here and say that, as a Republican and I can say, you know what, I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well.”

Source: Tomi Lahren Is Pro-Choice, But Not A Feminist |

I hate Tomi Lahren. I can’t even listen to her voice without wanting to punch her in the face. No, I’m not advocating violence but this woman is a racist asshole who if she ever came down from Dallas to San Antonio, I would be hard pressed not to slap her in the face. This article pretty much breaks down why white feminists need to stop applauding Tomi. Just because she may have had one point doesn’t erase the rest of her awful racist behavior in the past.

Texas ‘bathroom bill’: Legislation advances after testy, lengthy debate –

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(CNN)The Rev. David Wynn told Texas lawmakers how the proposed “bathroom bill” would affect him, one of the hundreds to speak in about 13 hours of public testimony.Wynn, a transgender man with a full beard, said his birth certificate still says “female,” so he would be required to use the women’s restroom under the new rules.”There’s been a lot of conversation, too, about having men in the women’s bathroom,” Wynn said, according to The Texas Tribune. “And I guarantee you there’s going to be a problem if I show up in a woman’s bathroom.”

Source: Texas ‘bathroom bill’: Legislation advances after testy, lengthy debate –

I know that I have been quite on the politics front lately, that is because I have been trying to catch up with the work that I  have missed in the last month when I was sick. However, I decided to now speak out once again because this HORRIBLE bill is advancing in the Texas Legislature. I urge everyone who reads this post and who happens to live Texas to call, text, email, and mail their representatives and demand that they vote NO on this bill. This bill has nothing to do with protecting children from perverts. To even insinuate that is Transphobic in of itself. This bill has EVERYTHING to do with discriminating against Trans and non-binary people by banning them from public spaces. This bill has EVERYTHING to do with trying to further disfranchise and humiliate Trans and non-binary people

Instead of concentrating on items such as Education (we have one of the worst educationals systems in the country), or doing something about our staggering unemployment rate the Texas Legislature has decided to gin up a non-issue just to make them look good. So please if you care about Trans or non-binary people please, PLEASE contact your representative right now!

3 Ways To Help Stop Trump’s Muslim Ban

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I wasn’t surprised that the Muslim ban happened, I was actually surprised that Trump didn’t write this executive action day one of his presidency.  This right here? Is the start of a Muslim holocaust, and as someone who has basic human decency and of someone is who is a religious minority makes all of this very scary to watch.  I actually got so anxious watching my Facebook feed last night that I had to turn off Facebook altogether. And although a Judge has put a momentary pause to the ban, it can easily be reenacted.dade

The time for action is now, and if you are like me who due to varied issues unable to go the protests that I think are still currently going on several airports in more than few major cities right now, then this is a way for you to help with the effort against this horrendous ban.

1 . Call You Representatives.

Since Trump’s Election,   I have been calling my representatives every week about the many horrendous things that Trump and his administration has inflicted on us.  If you don’t know how to call you representatives here is

House. gov to find your Representatives. 

You can also use this site 5 Calls to call your Representatives. 

And if you need scripts you can use this page on Indivisible Austin’s sites.  

I also found this article really helpful in teaching me the most effective way to call my representatives. 

2. Sign This Petition

Please take some time out to sign this petition on 

3. Donate to the ACLU

You can do so here. Also, since I am a starving artist and I personally have no money to donate I’m an offering a free custom eBook cover to anyone who donates. Just send a copy of the receipt or a screencap to



Virtual march makes Women’s March more accessible to people with disabilities

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Activism isn’t always accessible — and the Women’s March on Washington is no exception. For people who might not have the physical ability or stamina to join Saturday’s massive public protest, disability activists created the Disability March — an online movement that allows people with disabilities and chronic illnesses to participate virtually in the event.SEE ALSO: How to get involved with the Women’s March on Washington if you’re not in D.C.The Disability March organizers invite people living with disabilities to submit their names, photos and a statement on why they want to “march.” The images and text will be uploaded to the website in time for the Women’s March on Jan. 21, creating a virtual archive of people showing solidarity with the main event in Washington, D.C.”I began to wonder about other ways to be visible, especially for our community, besides marching”Sonya Huber, one of the organizers, was inspired to create the online movement after she realized attending the Women’s March wouldn’t be the best idea for her health. A disability rights activist and professor at Fairfield University in Connecticut, Huber lives with a few autoimmune disorders, including rheumatoid disease and Hashimoto’s disease. She also experiences some mobility problems.”The march, combined with the drive, would have done a number on my immune system at the beginning of a busy semester,” she told Mashable. But Huber knew she wasn’t alone, and she wanted to do something to help broaden access to the march for her community. “I began to wonder about other ways to be visible, especially for our community, besides marching — even though the march will of course include many disabled people,” she said. “Since the disabled community is going to be so impacted by the Republican agenda, it seemed that giving people a platform to tell their individual stories was most appropriate.”

Source: Virtual march makes Women’s March more accessible to people with disabilities

I thought I would share this! I’m not able to march due to a lot of issues (no child care for one) and that I’m agoraphobic. I was willing to brave having a panic attack to go if I could afford it, but since I can’t this is a nice alternative.  Please signal boost if you can!

‘Rise’ For Women’s Equality: A National Minute Of Silence Planned For January 21, 2017

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On Saturday, January 21, 2017, there are women’s marches and rallies planned in all 50 states. To inspire and mobilize in a symbolic action on behalf of the rights of women and girls, BETTY band member Alyson Palmer along with Gloria Steinem and others, have created the new initiative 1@1.At 1:00pm Eastern Time and the exact same moment in every time zone in America, 1@1 is asking women and their allies to stand up for equality for one minute of silent solidarity.  In a statement on the 1@1 website they explain:From Hawaii to Maine, Alaska to Florida, and every great state in between, for one shared silent minute, we rise for our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, and ourselves.1@1 is one calm, unifying moment for all who believe in the American dream of tolerance, liberty and justice for all. It is one simple minute to help us realize how similar we all are individually, how powerful we are, connected.Whether able to attend a rally or not, all Americans can join this unifying action on behalf of women, girls and the future of our nation.

Source: ‘Rise’ For Women’s Equality: A National Minute Of Silence Planned For January 21, 2017

I’m taking the pledge to do this moment of silence, because more now than ever people need to stand up for women’s rights.

Texas’s anti-transgender bathroom bill, explained – Vox

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Last year, North Carolina Republicans passed a sweeping anti-LGBTQ law that, among other measures, prohibited transgender people from using the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity in schools and government buildings. The law inspired a furious backlash, leading businesses to boycott the state and contributing to Gov. Pat McCrory’s defeat on Election Day.Despite the backlash, Texas is gearing up to pass its own law prohibiting trans people from using the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity.On Thursday, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick unveiled SB6. The bill, if approved by the legislature, would prohibit trans people from using the bathroom or locker room for their gender identity in schools and other public buildings, with violations enforced through a civil fine of at least $1,000 per offense. It would also let businesses set anti-trans bathroom policies, overriding any local laws that say they can’t.

Source: Texas’s anti-transgender bathroom bill, explained – Vox

Hello, guys! I know it’s been a while since I did my last post. I have been really busy with my real life and with my other work. Especially, since this past week was the first week after the holiday season. So I  was really swamped at work.

However, this is not what this post is supposed to be about. I want to talk briefly about a very important subject of this anti-transgender bill that’s currently going through the Texas legislator. It is obvious that this bill is based on unsubstantiated paranoia and fear and it must not be passed at all costs.

Not only is this further oppressing a segment of the population that is already been seen so much discrimination both legally and socially. This is trying to strip the transgender residents of Texas basic human rights as the US citizens and transgender residents of their very dignity.

I have social anxiety and I was very nervous call my state representatives but I did it anyway because I value the rights of my transgender of my transgender brothers and sisters. And if you are any part of the LGBT+ community or even consider yourself an ally then you should you care about this! So please if you live in Texas, please drop everything now and call your state representatives.


And This Is Exactly Why Black Lives Still Fucking Matters

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Trigger Warning: Violence against woman, and childern.

A video of a Fort Worth, Texas, police officer antagonizing, assaulting and, ultimately, arresting a black mother who reported an assault on her son is circulating on social media.After the police officer has what appears to be a quiet exchange with the attacker, he strolls over to the mother, identified by family members on social media as Jacqueline Craig, and asks condescendingly, “What’s going on with you?”“My daughter and son came home, saying that this man grabbed him and choked him,” Craig says as her daughter, identified by family on social media as Brea Hymond, records. “I came around here and asked him. I said, ‘Why did you put your hands on my son?’ He said, ‘Oh, he threw some paper and I told him to pick it up.’ He said he defied him and that’s why he did it … you don’t have the right to choke somebody’s son. My son is 7 years old, you don’t have the right to grab him and choke him.”In response to Craig’s distress, the police officer asks in an accusing tone, “Why don’t you teach your son not to litter?”

Source: Woman Reports White Man Choked Her Son; Fort Worth, Texas, Police Assault, Arrest Her Instead

You guys remember when everyone was saying that this was a post-racial world? This shit right here proves that those guys were full of shit. As a black person, police brutality against my fellow black people is nothing new to me. Also, as a black person, the effects of systematic racism is also nothing new.

Yet, as a parent of black children, and as a resident of Texas where this case the particulars took place, especially hit me close to home. Because this could literally happen to me or any other person of color right now. If you are a black person, this could be you on the ground being tasered brutally arrested, this could be your child being choked by someone.

As citizens of this country, people are always telling us that we should trust the police and trust our authority figures to protect us. But, is if this is how the police treat us then how in good conscience is we supposed to trust these people to protect as when we ask them for help?!

And why people are trying to excuses this by using the excuse that Jacqueline Craig had traffic violations. It’s very obvious from the video that the officer did not arrest her for traffic violations, he arrested Craig because she didn’t stay in “her place” and pissed him off.

Also, how does traffic violations in any way excuse him not only arresting Craig but her fifteen-year-old daughter as well? Screw the officer been taking off-duty, this guy committed a criminal offense and he should be sitting in jail right now.

And this is incident right here on top of the many incidents that are continuing to be taped and recorded all over the country is the reason why we still must march in the streets. And why we still must advocate for a complete overhaul of our over-militarized police departments.

I don't want to live on this planet anymore

We Have Just Shot Ourselves In The Foot!

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So against my better judgment, I went to Facebook to promote my blogs as any good blogger would do, and I saw the Donald Trump was trending. And I just got this sinking feeling in my stomach that the electors didn’t do what we all begged them to do, what is their FREAKING jobs to do!

They actually confirmed Donald J. Trump as president of the United States. They allowed this madman, this imbecile, this DEMAGOGUE as leader of the free world! And as a black queer woman, I can’t get over the fact that America apparently hates me and everyone who looks like me this much.

A part of me just wants to lay down in my bed and just sob. Because we have elected a fascist in training, and a puppet of Russia as president. And I can’t help but feel that like everyone else that we currently have the sword of Damocles hanging in over our heads. Let’s be clear: He’s going to destroy our country and no one gives a crap.

And you white liberals who are thinking “Oh, Gigi is just exaggerating things.” I want you guys to just look at what he has said so far, especially. the rhetoric that has come out of his mouth since the start of this election cycle. And god help me, his plans for the country scares me out of my fucking in mind.

All I can say to the people who are GLBTQ+, religious and/or racial minorities: to just hold on and stand up for each other. I say to my Democrats who were in office, you better stand up and fight because if you don’t, you are part of the problem, and I will vote your asses out of office. And I’m not the only Democrat who feels that exact same way.

I just want to hug everyone who feels like I do and tell them not to give up. Because despite the fact, that I just want to cry and scream and then lay down and die. But that’s not my style. When life kicks me down, I’m the type of person to get right back up and kick life right back in the nuts! So I strongly urge you guys to do the same and get up and FUCKING FIGHT!

I also urge for those people who can afford it, to give their money in their time to the organizations who are going to be advocating for those people who will be directly targeted by Trump’s administration. So, I have nothing else to say so, I’m going to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a hopefully better new year.

7 Petitions To Protest Donald Trump Being Your President-Elect

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Just hours after Trump’s victory speech, people have already drawn up petitions to protest him getting into office. Even though 26 state officials have been recalled, according to National Conference of State Legislature, it’s impossible for a president to be booted by petition. That hasn’t stopped people form trying though. Here’s a list of all the petitions out there that you can sign if you’re unhappy with the way the 2016 election has played out.

Source: 7 Petitions To Protest Donald Trump Being Your President-Elect

It’s not too late to stop Trump! Especially, after it has been revealed that he basically lie, cheated, and stole the election via Russsian hacks. Please take time out of your busy day to sign these petitions and share them around. Don’t give up the fight!

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