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Open Doors and Milestones

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So yeah, I have been just reblogging political posts, but I thought it was high time for me to give you guys an update. I have been working, and by working I mean I have been working on my blog. My blog has gotten a lot more popular and I really have been concentrating on getting an ENGAGED audience and gradually monetizing my blog WTF The Mortal Instruments?!

I had to put Dress Them Up on hiatus, I have a feeling that blog is going to be big one day, but I’m putting all of my efforts into WTFTMI. Honestly, I can’t believe that it’s almost a year since this started that blog and I’m so happy how much this past year blogging as changed me as a person.

I was so afraid of stepping on any toes, I was so afraid to use my voice in the beginning days and now It has been worth every challenge I had to face and there endless ways for this blog to grow over time.

I’m also back to doing Graphic Design, no pure professional designs but I have been doing a lot of  fandom stuff because not only do I love to do it but because it’s a way to get my name out there.  I mean, my first clients were people from Fandom and I really hope that trend runs true. I think I’m going to do more fandom events as well and start networking and getting better at it.

The one thing that my year blogging at WTFTMI and finishing City of Ashes gave me the confidence to get back to writing. I have been writing by Dragon Natural Speaking, but it turns out it’s hard to dictate anything with kids. So I’m back to my old method of writing and using Text to Speech programs to proofread, which is annoying, but I had to do that with Dragon anyway.

I think I’m going to work my way into publishing my own book as well. But right now I’m taking it day by day, and I’m not going to rush it at all.  I’m just going to learn everything I can in the meanwhile.

Personally, I’m still waiting for my sister’s baby to come home. The babies came early and one of the babies, unfortunately, died in the womb. So now, we are waiting for all the red tape and stuff to finish before he comes home. We thought he would be home this week, but we still had some bureaucratic bullshit to deal with.

Also this week, the younger of my Irish Twins had a birthday yesterday and it was a low key thing. Niyah turned two years old yesterday. She was very excited about the cake and the ice cream and I can’t believe that they are both two years old. It’s more than a little alarming that they growing up so damn fast. A part of me wants to keep them little forever and another part of me wants them to hurry up and go to school so I can have eight blissful hours of quiet.

Anyway, I’m off to finish some much-needed projects and I will give you another update soon.

Tis The Season

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So as always our family is always the last people on our street to put up our Christmas decorations. Hell, we didn’t get our Christmas lights up in until this week. Like everybody else this year has been a horrible year for us both individually and as a family.

My stepfather especially is finding it very hard to be cheerful this Christmas. My stepfather has lost not only his parents, his own stepparents, some siblings, and on top of everything his own son Tony. My heart hurts for him, but all I can do is be there for him and let him know that he is not alone.

The kids, however, are super excited for the Christmas break that is coming up next week. This week is all about finals (well for my oldest kid who just got into middle school) and then the little kid’s who are still in elementary school are busy with class parties.



Our Christmas tree this year. 


This season is especially is my time to do literally all the baking. But I’ve been in a weird mood for most of the autumn and winter months. I have just been feeling really unmotivated to bake anything other than the simplest recipes. However, since this year has been the shittest year possible, it’s really not a surprise to anyone that I’m not in any type of mood to bake.

My mother, though, is in her element it really does look like Christmas has threw up in our house, which is typical for her method of decorating for every single FREAKING holiday!!! And as you can see from the photos, every free space in the house is taking up by Christmas decorations. It’s red and green as far as the eye can see dudes.



My mother’s Christmas decorations. 


We might be going out to see the Christmas lights this year, we didn’t do it last year because we got super busy and by the time we remembered it we forgot about it. The kids loved looking at the lights, and I admit that I was just as entranced as the kids!

As for the whole winter solstice thing, I’m just going to ignore it this year. Honestly, the older I get the most secular I tend to get. I’m still spiritual, but I honestly don’t have the time or the patience to do a ritual. I celebrate the secular holidays with my family and I just go on with my day. I tend to put on the “witch” hat on when I need to send my family or my home spiritually. As I get older I tend to feel that I don’t need to use magic for every little thing.

So anyway, that is why it will be up to for the Christmas season! I I just wish everyone a safe and awesome holiday season. And I hope that everyone’s new year is way better than this one!

Hard Choices

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So Happy Holidays! This year has been shit for everyone and we have the orange dictator-elect to deal with soon. Also, I’m the only person who is feeling really disappointed at how the recounts were shut down. I  really wish that Hilary had ignored Obama and went after Trump Immediately.

*sigh* But enough of Politics. I want to talk about something else. So I’m a burgeoning Graphic Designer, and I especially want to make book covers. However, making book covers is like you have to have a lot of contacts, or you have to be a writer yourself. And honestly with my two nephews being born in January. I decided to make a hard choice.  Put Miss Match Media on the side burner and concentrate all of my energy on the blogging.

I want a decent income, and Blogging will get me there sooner. Once I’m making some decent money, I will be back to the Graphic Design.  I have one new blog, Dress Them Up. And I’m in the process of creating another fanfiction review blog called Ficnatically. Because let’s be honest, I read WAY MORE fanfiction than original books, and it takes me forever to finish original books.

I’m also going to be updating this blog more often, at least once a week on the weekend.

So you are probably thinking, that is what three blogs? How you are going to keep up that pace with SEVEN kids to take care of.  First, I’m going to be scheduling posts waaaaay ahead of time.  *Pats The Editoral Calender Plugin* and then I’m going to dictate it. I actually brought Dragon Natural Speaking.  I’m going to spend the time before my nephew’s birth training the program up

So I can get my blog posts done, and it won’t kill me.

So what’s going on with you guys?

All Quiet On The Western Front

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So I have been busy, busy, busy. I was sick last week, and I had to scramble to catch up with my blogging on WTFTMI. Halloween is coming up, and trying to balance with my business and my studying and the kids, and I’m just running around like a chicken with my off.

Also, I turn thirty-three on Tuesday.  I’m not really excited about it, and I don’t hate it. I’m just meh. All of my friends are out-of-state and I really don’t have a social life. I’m a bookish person, who rather be reading than partying. I can’t help that I’m a nerd. *shrugs*

I’m more excited about almost being done with City of Bones. This book was draining my life away, but I watched this great feminist documentary called Miss Representation and it really reminded me why I’m doing this. At first, it was out of spite, but now it’s because books like this is a symptom of a bigger problem of misogyny, and racism in the media. And every instance of that needs to be called on it. So yeah, it’s just one more instance of activism on my part.

As for my business, I have been dragging my feet on promoting it. I don’t know, why. Just scared of success I guess or failure. But I’m going to put my big panties on and do it. Anyway, I think that is enough of my rambling, for now, I will update you guys on my birthday and such later.

Ta Ta For Now.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

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So it smells a lot like Halloween! Candy, costumes, and decorations ahoy! My mother is a holiday junky. She just loves to decorate. And as you can see, if there is a clear space to put any decorations on, she will put it there. This time of year is my personal and religious new year. The reason that this is my personal new year is because my birthday is on the 25th, and then a week later there is usually Halloween or Samhain, which is my religious new year.

I tend to reflect on my life and make resolutions around this time of year as well, but I usually don’t end up keeping them.  However, this past year I did.  My resolution  had been to finally settle down and  really work towards my  chosen career as a Graphic Designer. And I have been consistently doing that since last year. Admittedly,  I have come a long way, but I still have a very long ways to go until I can truly compete against other designers in my field.

On the religious side of my new year is Samhain, the day we honor the dead. And I have lost a few people this year. My grandmother for one, my stepbrother for another. I’m not really showy and ceremonial with my rituals. I tend to keep my rituals very simple and concise. I light a candle and say a prayer for the dead. I might also give food offerings as well.  I have been thinking a lot about my Grandmother. It really feels sometimes that  like the world is a bit sadder without her presence in it.


Wow, this has gotten melancholy as fuck, so I go back to talking about my favorite parts of this seasons. The cooler weather (the cold front can’t come fast enough in my opinion), the costumes (I will be ironically a witch again this year), the candy, and the baking!
It’s so damn hot down here, that I can only really bake during the fall and winter months. It’s too hot otherwise, so this is a prime baking season. And speaking of baking, this season I created my favorite cranberry sauce, oatmeal muffins and they were a hit. This time of year, I make famous pumpkin bread which is delicious and full of win. I think I might go ahead and post the recipes here as well.

I think I might go ahead and post the recipes here as well.

As for the kids, their costumes are going to be a puddle (the baby), Shimmer from the show ‘Shimmer and Shine’ (The toddler), A Witch (the 8 year old), A power ranger ( the 6 year old), and a Vampire (the 11 year old). I’m not going trick or treating with them, but my parents and their biological mom (my sister) and her boyfriend will. I will thankfully  be at home giving out candy and baking all the baked goods.

So that’s what I’m doing for Halloween this year, what are you guys going to do Celebrate the Holiday?

We Are Moving

My Portfolio Has Moved!

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Hi! As you can see I rebooted my website. All of my art will be on my brand new site Miss Match Media. This blog is now my personal blog to talk about my life, my beliefs, and to occasionally fangirl over books, movies, television, and art. I really hope that guys like what I’m doing here and that you will support my efforts by spreading the word!


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