[Reaction] Teen Wolf Season 6 Credits

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You know, contrary to popular belief I don’t go around just looking for an excuse to bitch and moan. Honestly, today is Monday and I had shit to do. But MTV decided to drop  first look at season 6 credits of Teen Wolf, and I knew I couldn’t just sit back and say nothing.


Really? Fucking Really?  This is the last season of Teen Wolf, and their opening credits looks like a bad fan edit. Seriously, everything looks cheesy and cheap as fuck.  Also, what the fuck is with the walk down memory lane? Why do we need to see Scott’s bite, why are we seeing  glimpses of the Nogitsune, and The Berskerers?  It’s a total insult to the intelligence of Teen Wolf’ remaining audience ‘s intelligence. It’s like MTV and Jeff Davis thinks that we forgot about everything in between hiatus, and thus he needed to remind us.

Also, I see the nods to fan favorites that have been either fired (Arden Cho) or has long been gone from the show (Derek, and Allison) And you can’t tell me that the dropped arrow, the wolf, and the lotus is not straight up nods to these characters. It would mean a lot more to the fans if MTV and Jeff Davis didn’t do everything possible to destroy those characters, especially Derek.


I also want to ask  is why is Melissa, Sherri (who still has no name by the way), and Chris Argent in the opening credits? This is a complete deviation from the other opening credits. Where the fuck is Hadyen or Mason?  Mason has been apart of the cast for THREE FUCKING SEASONS, and he’s the only openly gay person of color on the show. Yet he still doesn’t have a spot on the opening credits?  Yeah, fuck you and your false diversity Jeff Davis, because yet again I see right through you.

Speaking of seeing through Jeff Davis’s bullshit, don’t think I didn’t see that Lydia was the one the using the mystery board and the messing with the red strings. Is this a not so subtle Stydia bait, or have Jeff Davis forgotten that the detective of the group is fucking Stiles Stilinski?!   Also, I see that they used footage from 6a for the credits.


So this leads me to my last question: Why did we need a new opening credits anyway? Seriously, we still have the same villains (the dread doctors), and we still have the same people (for the most part). Yet, we got a new opening credits, when the money could have been used towards better effects or for better wardrobe (because last season was horrendous). But no, instead we got a shitty credits to a shitty show. And if the credits are this bad, I have very little hope for tomorrow season’s finale.


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