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Traditional Artist’s Corner: Victoria Stoyanova

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When I’m looking for a new artist to crush on, I admit that tend to use Google Images.  This time while trolling Googles Image I saw a painting of a beautiful painting of an African woman in a head scarf (because you know I love head scarfs). And I knew right then and there I had to find out more about this artist. Thankfully,  a reverse image search led me straight to Artist Victoria Stoyanova.

“Born on 23td of May 1968 in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, Victoria Stoyanova is a selfeducated artist who before starting her artistic carеer in 1997 works very successfully as a fashion designer. ”

— Victoria Stoyanova’s Facebook Page

There is something in the lines and color of her works that have an almost seductive and otherworldly air about them. I couldn’t stop looking at all of her art, for me, her paintings are like eye candy.  Each painting is more intoxicating than the last! So please check out her paintings and make sure to follow her on facebook!

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I Have Come So Far

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So I’m going to try to do more art posts. I’m an artist, and I have been screaming about politics lately on my blog. But can you blame me? Seriously, Donald Trump and his cabinet of deporables are horrible. And see what I mean? I can’t stop talking about it. However, I’m actually coming up on first year anniversary or I might have already passed it. And I’m back to being super serious about Art. For a while, I had a lot of detours. I was all about the book covers because I dream of making booking covers.  Seriously, one day I hope that my book cover is on a library shelf one day.

However, I have been reading this awesome book by Austin Kleon called ‘Show Your Work’ and it has made me realized that I have made a lot of mistakes, but they are learnable mistakes. First off, I was so desperate to make it as a book cover designer that I forgot about the art. I love photo compositions and photo manipulations. I used to call myself a Graphic Designer, but to be honest my first love is photo manipulations. I have no interest in making brochures or fliers, I want to sell art. That’s where I shine the most. So I’m concencentrating on that.

I’m going to show my work more, promote my art more, get more involved with the artist’s community. I put my art on the back burner to my blogging to my own detriment. So I’m going to give it equal time. I am also going to take part of slowly building my audience.

I also decided to be inspired by traditional and digital art alike. To go back to basics, and to study art in all of it’s forms as inspiration. Art has brought me out of my rut and made challenge myself.  I also have a notebook listing all the things I want to learn about, and all the stuff I don’t know. I used to do that in the beginning, but I stopped doing it and I have to bring it back.

I also stopped learning. I was stupid enough to think that I knew everything up to a point. That I didn’t need to know anything else and that stifled me. So I’m going to learn something new every day. Honestly, I’m going to be a better artist.  I’m just going to stop taking my art for granted, learn to use the stuff around me as an advantage and not a deterrent, and just be better about the art all around. I have come a long way, those early works make me cringe right now, but I have come to realized that I have a long way to go and that is perfectly fine.


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