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Traditional Artist’s Corner: Victoria Stoyanova

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When I’m looking for a new artist to crush on, I admit that tend to use Google Images.  This time while trolling Googles Image I saw a painting of a beautiful painting of an African woman in a head scarf (because you know I love head scarfs). And I knew right then and there I had to find out more about this artist. Thankfully,  a reverse image search led me straight to Artist Victoria Stoyanova.

“Born on 23td of May 1968 in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, Victoria Stoyanova is a selfeducated artist who before starting her artistic carеer in 1997 works very successfully as a fashion designer. ”

— Victoria Stoyanova’s Facebook Page

There is something in the lines and color of her works that have an almost seductive and otherworldly air about them. I couldn’t stop looking at all of her art, for me, her paintings are like eye candy.  Each painting is more intoxicating than the last! So please check out her paintings and make sure to follow her on facebook!

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Traditional Art Susan Rios

Traditional Artists Corner: Susan Rios

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A lot of people think that Digital Artists and Traditional Artists have nothing in common. There is some misconception that we hate each other.However, this misconception is false. I support all artists, from writers to illustrators to painters to musicians to sculpturist.  You guys might know this about me, but I have spent a lot of days in the past just walking around museums just gazing and appreciating all the beautiful traditional line art. My favorite museum in San Antonio is not the huge metropolitan museum but the smaller McNay Museum.

The McNay Art Museum

Due to my disability, I haven’t been there in a long time. However, I do remember packing a lunch on going on there on their free days. So, after telling you guys all this it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that I adore Traditional line art, despite myself being a Digital Artist.  So I have decided to do a post about Traditional artists that I admire.

This time, I’m talking about Susan Rios.  Her paintings are charming and quaint and have that sort idealistic country charm to it that is reminiscent of Thomas Kincaid’s paintings. And yes, a lot of people tend to scoff at Thomas Kincaid, but there is a reason why his paintings are so widely used and known. For me, his paintings always resonated with me is because they make think of quite and quaint places away from hustle and bustle of the city.

They often remind me of much gentler and kinder times, and Rios’s paintings evoke those same type of feelings inside of me.

I originally discovered Rios’s art through The Pierside Gallery and I was immediately captivated by her colorful and beautiful paintings. I honestly wish I was successful enough to afford one her paintings or even one of her custom commission. I actually wouldn’t mind a painting of my own little terrors.

After looking through her website, I later discovered that although we are from two very different mediums we both have a similar philosophy when comes to our craft:

“There are stories in most of my paintings, and often, the piece will speak of what is going on in my own inner world.  I add elements to complete the memory of the dream or the moment.  People often say that there is something that feels familiar when they see my work.  I think what they may be responding to is the emotion a painting will evoke and there is a familiarity about that.  We all share so many of the same feelings.”

— Susan Rios



I actually feel the very same way about my own pieces.  Everything that I do has put in my pieces have a meaning or a story behind it. I think that trait comes from the writer in me. I have an overwhelming urge to tell a good story no matter what medium I’m participating in at the time.

If are interested her works which I displayed here, please be sure to check out her website.  And unlike this poor starving artist if you can afford it to buy one her fantastic pieces please do by buying one her lovely artworks from webstore.






Inspiring Artists Melanienemo -- Digital Artists That Inspire Me

Inspiring Artists: Melanienemo

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Note: I’m using gender neutral pronouns ze/zir/zir’s in reference to Melanienemo. I don’t know zir preferred pronouns or gender. So I will not assume it.

The perception of artists of any type of medium is the picture of someone alone working in the place they prefer to create their art in. However,  a lot of people seem to overlook the fact that Artists don’t exist in a vacuum. Where you find one artist, you are sure to find an artist community supporting that artist. And that is so important more than ever right now that artists not just think about our pocket books, part of our duty as artists, I feel is to uplift and inspire other artists.

This is especially important to me because a lot of traditional artists seem to snub their nose at photo manipulation and often discount us as artists.  So, to do all of those things that I have just mentioned, I have decided to do an Inspiration post at least once a month. I hope to eventually do one every week, but I’m pretty busy and my schedule is crazy right now.

The artist that most inspires me this time is Melanienemo. I found Mel through the FotoManipulationz group on DeviantArt and immediately fell in love with zir’s art. WhenI first contacted Mel about doing the post about ze, Mel was super nice about it and gave me permission to use samples of zir’s works on my site.  So please watch zir on DeviantArt and follow zir on Instagram and Flickr.

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