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The Naked Truth About Book Cover Artists and Designers

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If you know anything about me or read any of my other posts you would notice the good amount of Premade Book Covers on my site.  For the moment I got into this Digital Art, my primary goal has been to become a successful Book Cover Artist like Mirella Santana. I thought that there would be support groups, forums, and just an overall community like there is with most artistic communities such as writers, and traditional artists.

You would be wrong. Book Cover Design is a relatively new industry, especially with the flood of Indie Authors who want quality book covers for their books. And instead of their being a community Book Covers helping each other, pooling resources, standing up for another, making sure that newbies are not being taken advantage of. Book Cover Artist are competitive and everyone is out for themselves.


I personally have tried to do something about it. I had one Book chat, where I only had a few Book Cover Artists join me. I thought that it might because I did something wrong or I didn’t approach them in the right way.  So I mostly brushed it off, and then I recently started a group only a had a few members and no one even replied to any my posts. Again, I thought I was just doing something wrong. Then, I talked to one of the few Book Cover Artists that would actually talk to me. And she told me the real truth about why Book Cover Artists wasn’t reacting to any of ventures: They have no interest in a community at all.

For me, that doesn’t make sense. On my on blog, I’m always trying to reach out and help other artists, because not only its the right thing to do, it also makes senses business wise. There is a reason why there is such a big wonderful artist communities, unions, and advocacy groups. They make workers better if we pool our resources and help one another.


So I’m making a pledge right now. If you a Book Cover Artist and you need help or support or feedback then email me, or IM me on Facebook,  join my facebook group and post something or just leave a comment here. I’m always here to listen.  I have found that change can often start with one person, so I’m starting a revolution Book Artist by Book Cover Artist.  Will you join me?


00Q SkyFall Premade Book Cover

[OOQ] Love In A Coffeeshop

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00Q SkyFall Premade Book CoverSo I’m back to making fanfiction book covers, because I’m in the mood. I will eventually repost all of my fanart here on this site. My original book covers are at my site: missmatchmedia.com. And my favorite fandom online community is the 00Q (James Bond/Q) community.  I love coffeeshop AUs, and it’s my favorite type of AU and so I thought I would post this as a prompt. The book cover is free to download and use. Just credit me and link back to this post.

Download Here 


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