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A Librarian Inspired Plus Size Fashion Look

a plus size work outfit that is comfortable, easy, and cheap. You start with a simple red plus size crew kneck shirt, then add a plus size white button down short sleeved shirt, a tweed (or in this case) a houndstooth plus size mermaid style skirt. And then to jazz it up you add simple gold chain chocker, and rope style gold bracelet, and then a simple pair of red mary jane flats.

I work from home and that means I don’t have a legitimate reason to dress up all the time. Sure, I do an occasional Zoom call but I am not on camera all the time. And as I’m writing this I realize how pretentious I sound! Anyway, I wanted to dress up in something comfortable but business casual as well. I decided to just use style staples that anyone can have in their closet at any given time.

As I always say, you can be cute and fashionable without 1) Breaking the budget and 2) Without being ridiculously uncomfortable. And as someone fat and/or plus size that is my goal at all times. First and foremost I want to start with a simple red crewneck t-shirt. I know that we are on the outs with Torrid but even they can’t fuck up a simple red shirt. To dress it up, we are then going to pair it with a basic short-sleeved (but given the weather you can use a full-sleeved shirt, it’s up to you) shirt! A crisp collar is going to do a lot of work making this workplace appropriate.

Next, we pair that red t-shirt and white button-up shirt with this gorgeous plus-size mermaid skirt from Amazon. I have photos of myself in this outfit and you will notice that my skirt is tweed not houndstooth but that is the closest I could find to my skirt that I bought at Cathrines a long time ago.

Also confession these red Mary Jane flats are gorgeous and I want them but I am wearing a pair of black slip-on shoes because I wanted to be comfortable. Now, to jazz out this plain outfit with some accessories. A gold chain that is simpler than the one that I’m wearing and a gold rope bracelet.

And voila! A quick and easy (but elegant) workplace outfit that is perfect for any librarian.

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