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Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

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I’m 39 years old and for a while, I have felt in a rut. I know this feeling has to do with my upcoming 40th birthday this year but I just need to push myself more.  I have and continue to push myself in my career as an author. But personally? I just let myself slide.

This is why I decided to shake things up. I’m going to leave my house. I’m going to get a life outside of my writing. And I’m going to be honest: I’m terrified.  I haven’t left my house for more than 30 minutes a few months.

I think all of those trips to Dollar Tree really help but I’m tired of being dependent on my parents and I miss being independent. I miss getting up and going places without having to navigate the minefield of who is going to take me where and when.

If you don’t know I’m agoraphobic.  I have always struggled with this but the pandemic has made things so much worse.  But I can not and I will not waste my life away.  And maybe this is my version of a mid-life crisis.

But instead of fast cars and cheating on my partner with someone twice my age. I am just deciding to put my big person panties on and go out there and do things.  I have a journal where I keep all of the scraps of my adventures outside of the little bubble I have made for myself.

I just had a realization that I want to make sure I don’t lose sight of the people important in my life or living the life I want. I don’t have to live on anyone’s terms but myself.  So every month, I’m going to do big things. I’m going to cut off my bucket list and I’m going to be brave.

It’s not going to be easy and I’m going to have many a panic attack but I want to do this. I want more than to be Georgina Kiersten author extraordinaire.  What is the point of hustling if I don’t enjoy the result of my hustle?

Life is not just for working but for living.

Gigi Kiersten


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