The dodge and burn tool is one of the most use tools in my toolbox as digital artist. I use it all the time and the dodge and burn tool really adds depth to any composition.  Dodge  (the wand tool) is to emphasis shadows) and Burn (emphasis on the highlights)


  • Located in the Tool Panel is the Dodge and Burn Tool (click it).
  • To exchange the tools right click the Dodge tool and the Burn Tool will appear.
  • The most effective way to use the dodge and burn tool is to (Click On A New Layer) and  (Edit, Click On The Fill Option,  Click on Dropdown to %50 gray and Click Okay)
  • Choose The Bush,  Choose or not choose the Airbrush button,  then change the tolerance for the amount of Dodge and burn you want to use, and which parts you want to use (Midtones, Shadows, Highlights)
    • Midtones
    • Changes the middle range of grays
    • Shadows
    • Changes the dark areas
    • Highlights
    • Changes the light areas


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  • Mess up? Make a mistake, or want to start over. Refill it with gray or switch it over and paint it with gray.